Permanent Jewelry FAQs

1. What is a permanent jewelry?

Our jewelry is considered permanent because it is custom fitted and then welded on. After we weld our jewelry onto your wrist, ankle or neck it will remain there unless removed with scissors! We do not recommend being linked if you have a 14K-24K gold filled sensitivity or if you have a pacemaker.

2. If it's permanent does that mean it'll never come off?

No. It can be easily removed with scissors, should you ever decide to take it off. If so, make sure to clip it at the link we welded and save your chain in case you want to get linked again in the future.

Please note permanent does not equal invincible. While it is designed for everyday wear, it is still fine jewelry.


3. What's the process like?

  • You will pick out the chain you want from our current collection - deciding is the hardest part! 
  • Availability is subject to change as inventory may fluctuate.
  • After you choose one of our chains we will custom fit it to your wrist, ankle or neck so that we ensure your chain fits best and is comfortable+livable.
  • Once the chain is cut it is final sale, Please make sure you love the style before we cut your chain.

4. Is the process painful?

Absolutely not! It is totally safe, and it cannot harm your wrist or skin in any way.

5. What if I need to get my bracelet removed for medical purposes?

If you need to have your bracelet removed for a MRI, medical procedure...etc we will re weld your piece for free! You should of course always consult your doctor or whoever will be giving you your treatment that day to ensure bracelet removal is mandatory! 

6. Is permanent jewelry durable?

These bracelets can be very durable! But, like any piece of fine jewelry, you need to treat it with care. If your bracelet gets snagged or pulled hard, it could snap, or stretch just like a bracelet with a clasp.

7. Can we get gift cards?

YES! Simple Wildflower gift cards are the perfect gift for those who value quality jewelry and unique experience.

8. What about returns or exchanges?

All permanent jewelry sales are final. No returns or exchanges.

Once the piece is welded onto you, the jewelry is now under your care. It is your responsibility to care for, clean, & have awareness of your jewelry.

Please Note: We cannot replace damaged or lost jewelry. We are happy to fix the chain free of charge. Simple Wildflower is not responsible for mishandled, damaged, broken, lost &/ or stolen chains or charms.